November 15, 2004
Firefox Roxx

Firefox - Rediscover the web

I've been using this since only a couple days before the release, and it is easily the best browser I've ever used. The bookmarking and right-clicking enhance the already fast response time. Pop-up blocking is built-in, Google searching is built-in, and the implementation of RSS is a job taking all of one mouse-click.

Singular drawback: it takes up more memory. But that is easily gotten over when you see how quickly pages load (no more waiting for advertisement banners to finish loading before the rest of the page comes up).

Posted by darren at 12:20 AM
November 13, 2004
Until then

While I'm still on a stump, I might as well point out

If you are interested in online dating, DEFINITELY check this site out first. From reading the different reviews from ALL the sites, my conclusion is that they ALL do some practically fraudulent things to attract and get paying customers.

Posted by darren at 01:55 PM
November 12, 2004
A fresh start

It's time to revamp the website. Clean out the cobwebs. Kill all the blog-spam-comments out there. I've taken down everything and will likely be converting the site over to an actual dot-com site by the end of the year.

Posted by darren at 01:45 PM