December 19, 2004
A Portable Life

Tired of having to juggle all of your "My Documents" handy?
How about email? What would you do if your computer crashed and you had no backups of your emails?
Got some important internet bookmarks you'd like to keep with?
... what, and no IT-savvy buddy around to hook you up in case of disaster?

Do what I did:
1) buy a USB thumbdrive
2) switch email to Thunderbird
3) switch browser to Firefox
4) burn a copy of your thumbdrive to CD once a day/week/month

Seriously, aside from email, the web, and sundry files, what else do you typically use your computer for?

Yup, I thought so.

Bottom line is this. With a couple of downloads, you could soon be sporting 95% of what you need on the end of a keychain. Emails, bookmarks, files.

Take almost everything you have with you when you leave the house. Plug it into someone else's USB port, and you're basically back in action.

Heck, I even managed to get my Instant Messaging pushed onto a thumbdrive.

Feeling adventurous? Start here:
Portable Firefox 1.0 (USB Drive-Friendly) :: Mozilla Stuff ::

Need a guide? Email me.

Posted by darren at 02:37 AM